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​​Imagine this scenario, you come home from work, you push the door opener remote and nothing happens.   Your garage door will not open. Before you contact a garage door repair person. Try a few things first.   

  • Check to see if your electricity is working for the house.  The garage door opener requires power to operate the door. 

  • Ensure that GFI or GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit  Interrupter) is on. Quite a few customers are not aware that electricity to their garage will go out if the GFI is not set.  In other words, the buttons on the outlet that says reset is not on.  Since this is a safety measure, make sure to use the test button first.  Sometimes you might need to determine where the outlet with GFI is located.  One homeowner found that the previous owner built over the outlet. 

  • Check your breaker box for a tripped switch to the garage.  

  • Once you determine that the electricity is working,  Check that door opener is plugged in.

  • Replace the batteries on the keypad or remote

Also, Make sure that the door was not manually locked by mistake. These are a few issues that could cause the garage door to not open.   All that can be easily corrected by you.    

If the following does not work, then contact Dano’s Garage Door Svc of York.

Door will not work